Anniversary card and small Stampin’ Up! haul

S’mae, pawb! We’ve been back from Guernsey for a week and I’m freezing! We had temperatures of 16/17 degrees in Guernsey. Came back to similar, but overcast and more humid; Saturday was wet, Sunday was OK, but Monday was SO cold I put a fan heater on in the lounge when I was ironing.

This was the view from our hotel. The long island is Herm, the smaller one (Jethou, I think) is privately owned. Just behind, out of sight, and further to the right is Sark. We visited Herm and Sark. I preferred Sark. We went on a 2-hour, horse-drawn carriage ride around the island. It was absolutely delightful. Herm is even smaller and we walked from the harbour to Shell Beach where I had the best crab and prawn sandwich ever.

They like to prove that they’re different by having yellow phone boxes and blue postboxes. (Sark had a green phone box, which now houses a defibrillator, but I don’t remember seeing a postbox)

We had a lovely time. It was very restful. More photos next week. Hwyl am y tro!

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