WOYWW #754

Nothing on my desk this week as I’m piling stuff up in the dining room in readiness for my craft table at church on Saturday. I do, however, have some pics from my Christmas Crafternoon on Saturday. I had 3 crafts happening: dolly peg angels (of which I totally forgot to take any pics!), Christmas cards, and decorating wooden slices for the tree. The first pic shows everyone (well, almost) holding up something they’d made. You might just make out me in the middle wearing the elf hat and dress. I even had the stripey tights.

As already mentioned, I completely forgot to take pics of the dolly peg angels, but these next 3 pictures are of the ensuing chaos on the cardmaking table.

There were 21 of us altogether. It was great fun. They’re already looking forward to the Easter Crafternoon!! I made a video of the card samples I made, so if you follow the link to my YouTube channel, you’ll be able to see what we made. Hwyl am y tro!

Oops! Nearly forgot to publish this…


  1. It certainly looks like you all had great fun! Look forward to seeing you all as the Easter bunny next time….. Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  2. My word, you were busy! Bet you were exhausted by the end, but look at all those finished pieces and smiling faces, how lovely. How lovely too, to see such classic and lovely wood mounted stamps in use. Love ’em!

  3. Christmas Crafternoon! What a great name! And it looks like you all had a TON of fun! Have a great week, Lindart #17 PS: you and I must have posted at the same time, because I thought I was 18 until I saw your number! I usually refresh to make sure I have the right number, but didn’t this time

  4. Christmas crafternoon!! great title, and every seems to be in the festive spirit! What a joyful chaos, hope it didn’t take too long to tidy up. Love n hugs, Cindyxx #12

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