Frames & Flowers DSP

S’mae, pawb! This week I’m showcasing the Frames & Flowers DSP that I showed in my recent haul. I made 3 lovely cards using just the DSP, except for the last card where I added a couple of pieces of regular cardstock in co-ordinating colours.

I think the colours are gorgeous. I shall have to have a mammoth card making session in early July.

I’m writing this before going on holiday, but you’re reading it after we’ve come back. I’m already packed. I’ve got all the liquids in clear bags, my meds are all sorted (thankfully, my prescription came through a few days before we left). I’ve got a few Church Secretary jobs to do before we go, then I can hand over the church laptop to someone else for a couple of weeks.

I’ve had a busy morning at Tea & Toast today and I think I need a bit of a rest before getting dinner and having Life Group at our house tonight. I can barely think, so I’ll sign off here. Hwyl am y tro!

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