WOYWW #723

S’mae, pawb! Today I’m hunkered away in my craft room. The builders are in the loft strengthening the joists and clearing any remaining rubble, so I’m just keeping out of their way. I would normally have been at Tea & Toast this morning but, for various reasons, we’ve had to cancel it today. So, I’ve […]

WOYWW #721

Oh, my, what a week, and then the clocks changed! I’m normally really good at remembering about the clocks changing and usually send an email to everyone at church to remind them; not this time! I had my Easter Crafternoon on Saturday, which went well, but we ended up moving the tables ourselves and setting […]

WOYWW #626

I’ve been MIA for weeks! It gets to Thursday and I think, “Oh, no, I’ve forgotten WOYWW again!” No excuses really. But, today, I have a special reason for showing you what’s on my workdesk: Yes, I’ve splashed out on a Cricut Maker! I bought some vinyls as well, along with the tool kit. It […]

WOYWW #617

Not much on my desk this week. The new SU catalogue arrived on Monday so I’ve managed to have a quick flick through that. We also received a wedding invitation from one of our nephews. They had to cancel last year, obviously. I’ve not done much crafting recently. I’ve been decorating the dining room. Unfortunately, […]

WOYWW #614

S’mae, pawb! Well, I’ve found out why a couple of my posts weren’t able to accept comments: turns out it’s a PICNIC problem. You don’t know what a PICNIC problem is? It means: Problem In Chair, Not In Computer. Also known as Operator Error. I won’t go into details but, basically, I was being a […]