WOYWW #752

I’ve realised that, although I posted last week’s WOYWW onto my website, I didn’t actually attach it to Julia’s page! I shall make sure to remember this week.

This week I’ve been having a bit of a sort-out and thought I’d use some of my empty Stampin’ Up! kit boxes (that I’ve been keeping ‘just in case’) as grab bags. I’m clearing out stuff that I haven’t used for years and can’t see me using in the near future. So I can fill each box with all sorts of stuff: 6×6 papers, brads, buttons, brooch making bits, die cuts, SU Stampin’ Spots, card blanks, and any other bits I can find. I’ll sell them for £5 per box when I have my stall at church during the Llandudno Christmas Extravaganza.

These are some of the buttons & brads I’ve already bagged up. I have 10 boxes to fill.

I’m still also preparing for my Christmas Crafternoon on November 11th. Unfortunately, I’ve been let down by the company from whom I’d ordered some white felt with a silver sparkly pattern that I was going to use as angel wings for my dolly peg angels. I’ll have to make do with plain white, I think. I’ve got the wool for the hair, but I still need to find paper doilies too.

I’ve done another YouTube video this week. I got the Stampin’ Up! Rustic Christmas Countdown Kit, which is an advent calendar. The link to my channel is at the top of the screen.

Our choir is performing in Llanrwst on Saturday evening. Everything is in Welsh this time. We’re also going to be singing in Wrecsam towards the end of the month for Dechrau Canu, Dechrau Canmol, which is the Welsh version of Songs of Praise.

Well, I’d better get this uploaded so I can finish it off in the morning. Hwyl am y tro!


  1. Good idea Cam, I’ve set myself a rule, if I haven’t looked for it for over 6 months, it doesn’t belong in my craft room because likely I’m never going to use it. And it’s all treasure isn’t it, at a fiver I’m sure the boxes will be well received! The felt situation is a bit of a bummer, but if you have silver glitter glue, you could ‘wipe’ some over it before hand. It clings like anything!!

  2. Good luck with your stall, I hope that the boxes of stash sell well. I appeared on Dechrau Canu etc years ago playing cello in a group in our church. Ah, what stardom…lol!
    Hugs LLJ 7

  3. That’s a good idea for fundraiser – my experience is that people will buy anything if it’s cheap enough – myself included – whether I need it or not. Happy November! zsuzsa #8

  4. Christmas extravaganza sounds good! Probably a wee bit far for me to go! I found a lovely church not too far away, which I have been going to for about 6 weeks. Small and friendly with great hymns. Just feels right. Good luck with both you packing up and selling your boxes. Happy WOYWW . Angela #12

  5. Great idea for de-stashing – hope it goes well! I have loads of stuff (don’t we all!) that I haven’t used in years.. Good luck with the choir too. Happy WOYWW Helen #5

  6. Good luck with your stall. It’s ages since I was in Llandudno and I do miss going down there, it was a stop over on the way to our caravan in Trearddur Bay. Love the buttons, a lot of them look like they are made of wood.
    The hallaganza was not very halloweeny, more like fairies prowling about with some pumpkins placed here and there.
    Hugas, Neet 1 xx

  7. Hi I’m here at last! As usual the boiler man didn’t arrive until lunchtime and then I had to keep the dogs busy while hubby looked after him. By the time that was over and I caught up with a few other jobs it was evening, don’t know where the time goes. Looks like you’ve got lots coming up. The bags of goodies look intertesting. Wishing you a late but happy woyww. Hugs, Angela x10x

  8. Happy Belated WOYWW – and I don’t think we have ‘met’ before? I live down in Pembrokeshire. Hope that you aren’t suffering too much in the storm today – I heard on the weather that North Wales would be hit hard. Those boxes will definitely sell easily. Lovely for those who want some new stash to play with. I have decluttered a huge amount over the past few years and still feel that I have some that can go – when I have the energy to sort it out. Ali x #14

  9. Don’t worry Cam, in my excotement at getting round I have forgotten to link more than once (though I think I have always realised at some point – better late than never eh?)!! Great idea with the bags of treasure – hope they sell like hot cakes!! I am not as ruthless as Jan but am getting better – when I look at something now I have had for ages without using I try t here and then to think of something to do with it. Doesn’t always work though…… Hope the preformance goes well. Happy (late) WOYWW, have a great week, love n hugs Cindy xx #11

  10. I often find things that I haven’t used for years, and one day it is the perfect item for the art that I am making, so I don’t often get rid of anything! I have everything organized in boxes so I can find something quickly. I hope your little treasure bags sell quickly! 30 years ago, when I had nothing, I would have bought them! Have a crafty week, Lindart #19

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