WOYWW #751

Not much on my desk this week as I’ve had a filthy cold. Spent most of the week in bed or watching YouTube videos. I did have an SU delivery yesterday, though, so here’s a pic of some of the bits I got.

I managed to get a video done so that will be live this morning. If you want to watch it, there’s a link to my YouTube channel at the top of the screen.

The last couple of weeks have been ‘interesting’; we’ve had our landline removed and ‘fibre to the house’ installed. It’s fine at the back of the house where the new line comes in to the new router, but we’ve had to get a booster to be able to use wi-fi at the front of the house and be able to use the telly. Kevin also decided to update his pc so ordered various bits to rebuild it. After he’d done this he kindly did the same to my pc (basically I got his cast-offs). He also noticed that my mouse wasn’t very good. It would sometimes be really slow. I’d move it where I wanted it and the cursor would eventually follow. New batteries didn’t make any difference, so I’ve now got a new keyboard and mouse (both cordless), an updated computer, and one of Kevin’s old screens that can be turned to portrait mode AND can be raised up/down. It’s funny, but you don’t really notice that the lettering on your keyboard is not as sharp as it once was until you get a new one. The letters all seem VERY white!

Not much else to tell, really. A very short blog today, I’m afraid. Back to normal tomorrow with Tea & Toast in the morning and a Church Council meeting in the afternoon. Hey,ho!

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