WOYWW #747

I appear to have been awol for over 5 months! I was busy with my B&B, nagging my builder to get everything finished, and to replace the toilet window that got broken on day 1 or 2 of the work back in February. He finally came to fix it on September 1st!!

My desk shows the results of making a Stampin’ Up! kit, (the results of which you can see by going to my YouTube channel via the link at the top of the main page of my website), and some cards using up old SU DSP.

I’ve been doing YouTube videos again after a 5-year hiatus. OK, so I made 2 videos in 2018 and never really thought about doing any more until last year. I had planned to start doing more in January of this year, but somehow, January became July! I thought I’d start by videoing some of the SU kits and, blow me, SU then said that they were having a sale of the kits during August! I had thought I’d do one video per week, but once I knew about the sale, decided to do 2 a week. My first problem was, as it was so long since I’d done a video, trying to remember how to actually upload the darn thing. After a lot of faffing, and realising I was making it too complicated, I finally got it all sorted.

Towards the end of August I got involved in the planning/decorating team for a wedding to be held at our church where I am Church Secretary and also the Registrar for weddings. We haven’t had a wedding at Emmanuel since 2017 and someone else was Registrar then, so this was my first. Also, since 2021, it’s all gone electronic. I was so looking forward to being able to use my calligraphy skills to write out a beautiful certificate – that’s all gone now. When I went to the Town Hall to get the low-down on how to do it, I mentioned that I’d found the old certificate book and brought it out of my bag. She had it out of my hands in a trice and started ripping it up! I was gutted. It’s no longer a legal document and she said I may have got into trouble if I’d filled it in.

Here are a few photos from the preparations:

The arch has real foliage and faux flowers.

I made the banner and the heart shaped ‘Mr & Mrs’ that’s just in front of the candlestick on the top table. The candles are LED. We’d planned to use more, but they arrived too late so we had to make do with 5. We had lots of other lighting: bottle lights, lanterns, tea lights, etc. We decorated the church and laid up the tables all ready but left the tables around the edge of the church. We had two blocks of chairs with chair covers and bows. After the wedding, everyone had to vacate the church so we could pick up the tables and place them where the chairs had been. Someone had suggested we leave laying up the tables until the day – they didn’t realise how long that would have taken. As it is, it took about an hour and a half to get everything in place and get ready for everyone coming back in from the photographs for the reception. It all went very well.

We went in on the following day (the wedding was on a Thursday) to undecorate, but we left the arch and all the decorations on the stage and the windowsills until the Monday so those who hadn’t come to the wedding could see a bit of what it looked like.

I will wrap up there. Hwyl am y tro!


  1. It’s amazing how things can change in a flash. Sometimes updating and technology is a wonderful thing, and sometimes it isn’t. The church was decorated beautifully and I love your banner.

    You made some beautiful and amazing cards. I love the flowers, especially, but the idea of notes other than birthday made these special.

  2. oh what a shame about the book, it wouldhave been great to use for mixed media never mind calligraphy! Great to see you again, anyway. Happy WOYWW Helen #5

  3. Totally determined to get round everyone’s desks this week. I ended up with the first part of a root canal procedure yesterday and a blood test today, I’m a bit zonked out as a result…Love the floral arch and a bit shocked about the old certificate book, wondering where you are in the world and then spotted the Welsh sign off – Wales perchance? Glad the wedding went well. Hugs BJ#1

  4. How gorgeous it all looks! As my son is due to marry in early 2024 I am watching all wedding related posts with anticipation of that big day! Shame you could have saved the book for tearing up yourself for art!

    Happy, so very late, WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (7)

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