I’m still here!

Oh, my. I was supposed to be remembering to keep up with blogging and restarting doing craft videos. Well, I finally restarted doing videos in August. I did 2 per week. Even then I never thought about blogging about them! Then life got in the way and I was involved in helping plan/decorate the church for a wedding, which took up nearly all of my time. I also helped serve up the reception food and clear up. And did I mention that I was also the Registrar for the wedding? I’m the ‘Appointed Person’ for our church, so when anyone gets married there, I’m the one that ensures everyone signs the form in the right place. I applied back in 2020, but this is the first wedding we’ve had at our church since 2017, so it was my first. We’re an independant church, so we’re only really likely to get church members marrying, rather than complete strangers who come, get married, and never darken the doors again. I can put up a few pics from the day.

This is the top table. I made the banner and the Mr & Mrs heart in the middle of the table.

The amazing arch, which took hours to do (I was only involved in screwing the arch together). The greenery is all real and the flowers are all faux.

A couple of the tables. We spent the previous day decorating the church and setting up all the tables and placing them around the outside of the room. We covered 50 chairs with the chair covers and 3 ladies sat and made all the bows and folded napkins. The chairs were placed in 2 blocks with a central aisle for the bride to walk down. After the wedding everyone had to vacate whilst we transformed the room for the reception. The bridal party all went off to Happy Valley and West Shore for wedding photos.

It took another 2 days to put the room back to normal, mostly because there were only 2 of us doing most of it, rather than the 8 or 9 we had beforehand. (We left the arch and all the other window decorations up for Sunday so those who hadn’t come to the wedding could see a bit of what it was like.)

It’s taken me nearly 2 weeks to get over it!

I have done another video for YouTube; just a bit of a catchup and showing some of the Stampin’ Up! bits I’ve bought recently. I will try to get another couple of crafting videos done tomorrow. I still haven’t worked out how to put my videos into my blog so, for now, you can access it through my website on the front page on the top left.

Looks like it’s time to think about dinner, so hwyl am y tro!

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