WOYWW #721

Oh, my, what a week, and then the clocks changed! I’m normally really good at remembering about the clocks changing and usually send an email to everyone at church to remind them; not this time! I had my Easter Crafternoon on Saturday, which went well, but we ended up moving the tables ourselves and setting out the chairs for church so, by the time we’d done that, I was exhausted. I had a long soak in the bath and hubby cooked steak for dinner – yum. Hence, Sunday morning, my regular alarm clock didn’t go off as it was an hour behind. Thankfully, I have a 2nd alarm on an old mobile phone, which of course, updated automatically. But for some reason, Kevin lept out of bed like it was on fire when it went off – honestly, it’s not that loud!

Not much on my desk this week, except I now have one of these in my office/craft room:

A phone!

We’ve just replaced our old phone as it wasn’t holding on to the charge and even new batteries didn’t help. Our old set up had the main handset in the hall and 2 others: one in the bedroom and one in Kevin’s office. We’ve gone for an extra handset so I can have it in my room. It’ll live on my Poundland Lazy Susan, which is very handy. I won’t have to struggle to get out of my chair to race to the phone when it rings.

The Crafternoon went very well, but I completely forgot to take any pics. I was expecting about 18 people but, for whatever reason, only 7 turned up. I’d had weird dreams the night before where I’d forgotten half the stash and the other half was still in the car but I couldn’t find the car, and then I was in a different building with lots of little rooms and corridors and I couldn’t find my way out to get to the car. Thankfully, everyone enjoyed themselves. One lady sent me pics of her decoupaged eggs and the bunny/egg garland and has given me permission to put them on here.

I’m getting ready for my first guest of the season, who’s arriving on today. An opera singer no less. He’s singing with the Welsh National Opera at Venue Cymru in The Magic Flute and, by a complete fluke, I’m going to see him tomorrow evening! I was popping some flowers over to my friend, Helen, and she asked me if I liked opera as she and her husband had tickets but her husband couldn’t go. I said yes – never been to the opera before. I shan’t tell my guest until I’ve been.

The roof is almost complete and the gutters, soffits, fascias, and downpipes should be all done by Friday – hooray! I’m getting fed up with the scaffolding and the mess now. It should have taken 3 weeks and we’re now on week 7. At least it’s not as bad as next door – their roof took 7 months!

Finally, here’s a picture of my gorgeous new bedding from Asda (£19 for the King Size, if you’re interested). I love it! I’d been looking for an extra set of bedding and this fit the bill perfectly.

I think that’s me for this week. Hwyl am y tro!


  1. What a lovely bedroom and bedding Camilla. Sorry you didn’t have a better turn out for your crafternoon. Those decoupaged eggs look great. Enjoy the opera. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  2. The bunny banner is so sweet and I love the pretty bedlinen, and what a bargain too! I hope you have a lovely time at the opera.
    Have a great week,
    Diana xx #10

  3. I’m with you, just hate it when they alter the clocks. My body clock just doesn’t cope well with it though the dogs tend to sleep for longer which is helpful as I find it difficult to get up in the mornings, I know it’s pathetic! Loving the eggs and the bunny garland, very sweet. Nice new bedding too, it’s amazing what you can buy at supermarkets now. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x11x

  4. Hoe exciting to have an Opera singer stay with you! Hopefully he will practice in your hallways! I love Opera, my parents took me from a young age. The thing about Opera is that even if you don’t understand the words (usually they are not in English) you can still enjoy and understand what is going on. I hope you enjoy your first visit! Your bedroom looks lovely with the purple gingham, very spring-like! I’m glad your crafting workshop went well! Have a wonderful week! Lindart #16

  5. Lovely bedroom set. Perhaps he will sing for his supper? Enjoy the opera – I have never been either. Angela #15

  6. Aw, cute garland and the eggs on sticks are such a good idea..well done you. I’m annoyed on your behalf that people sign up for such things and then don’t turn up, the preparation and night-before-bad dreams could be avoided if you’d known. Apart from anything else, it’s a bit rude isn’t it! There. I’ve said it. I have a phone in my workroom too….buried under something for sure, but when I’m in there, I must say, it’s jolly useful. Especially if it’s going to save you have to jump up and run!!

  7. I always see bedding at Asda I like but never see Super-king. Grrr. Cute craft club goodies – I have been missing the one I used to go to pre-Covid. Might be time to give it a go again. Your anxiety dreams are like mine LOL! Forgetting, mostly, cause I do it IRL a LOT. Oh well, that’s what getting old does to you. And we are nursing our very old phone along, and mostly ignoring the “new” ones cause I hate them. Looked at tons of them, hate all the new ones, too small, tiny buttons, can’t stand up on their own… BAH! Enjoy your opera singer – we hired a folk singer to do a garden concert for my in-laws when last they visited as an anniversary gift and it was wonderful! Be the neighbors loved it too LOL!
    Happy WOYWW, but sadly catless
    Mary Anne (4)

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