WOYWW #713

Wednesdays just seem to fly by and before you know it, I’ve missed another WOYWW! I’ve decided that I need to start typing this up as soon as possible so it’s ready for a Wednesday – I wrote these opening lines in June 2021!!! Life has certainly got in the way over the last 18 or so months, notwithstanding hubby, Kevin, being in a road traffic accident last July when the brake cable on his bike snapped as he was going down a hill to a roundabout. Thankfully, he came away with only 5 broken ribs and a broken/dislocated collar bone. He was in hospital for a week and then had the collar bone operated on 3 weeks after the accident. He’s OK now, but not looking to be buying a new bike any time soon. To any of you that cycle without a helmet – please, please, wear one. Kevin’s helmet saved his life.

My somewhat messy desk

So, today I’ve got a proper, old-fashioned cold and am catching up with stuff. I’m cutting the fronts off some of the Christmas cards we received to make them into gift tags to sell at the local Christian bookshop for next Christmas. The paper just above my guillotine is a list of questions for a quiz. I’m doing a short quiz on Saturday evening (just for fun; no prizes) at a charity fundraising dinner. I’ll use some of the questions for that. The white card to the left of the picture (that you can’t really see anyway) is the card bases for some special birthdays this year. I thought I’d get them all started.

I think I’ll keep this one brief and, hopefully, will have more to write next week.

It’s lovely to be back, by the way. Bendithion. xx


  1. love your reuse of christmas cards- I always plan to do that…. thanks for lifing up the use of Helmets, and grateful DH has made a good recovery Robyn 19

  2. It is so good to see you back Camilla. So sorry to hear about your husband’s accident and hope he has now fully recovered. Thank goodness for bike helmets. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  3. Goodness, I’m so glad Kevin is ok and yes, wearing helmets was a non negotiable with my family! You’ve reminded me that I have Christmas cards to reuse as well, thank you!
    Hugs LLJ 10 xx

  4. Good to see you – so glad to hear that Kevin’s accident wasn’t any worse – helmets really should be enforced! Great way to re-use the Christmas cards. Happy WOYWW Helen #6

  5. Great to see you. So pleased that Kevin had the sense to wear his helmet, we see so many people and children with their helmets hanging from the handle bars. The other thing we often see are children with helmets and parents without them, not a good example. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x9x

  6. OMG! So sorry to hear you and your poor hubby had such an event. Makes my blood run cold when I see kids out helmet-less on the road, but it’s good to be reminded adults are every bit as much in need to “brain buckets” as wee ones. Love the Xmas card plan, I have to admit I do this myself, but just for me. Literally yesterday I was punching some sweet little glitter robins from a card and adding a hanger-hole to tuck them in the Christmas ribbon storage! Don’t forget your circle punch when making your tags 🙂
    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  7. Ouf, what a dreadful shock Kevin’s accident must have been. Thankful for the helmet and the full recovery. A horrid way to finish off years of happy cycling. I didn’t look too closely at first and thought that was a to do list, enough to make me faint! Hope the quiz goes well, I love a quiz. I don’t know though, however early I start on Christmas, I’m never as ready as I’d like to be! Nice way to re-live the pleasure of the received cards isn’t it, going through them and re-using.great to see you again!

  8. Hi Camilla. I’m a veteran here at WOYWW.. just been absent for awhile. Look forward to getting to know you. Creative Blessings! Kelly #20

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