WOYWW #626

I’ve been MIA for weeks! It gets to Thursday and I think, “Oh, no, I’ve forgotten WOYWW again!” No excuses really. But, today, I have a special reason for showing you what’s on my workdesk:

Look what’s just arrived!

Yes, I’ve splashed out on a Cricut Maker! I bought some vinyls as well, along with the tool kit. It arrived today. I’ve had to have a proper tidy up to make space for it. I’ve been having a clear-out, selling off old Stampin’ Up! stamp sets, punches, and dies, along with other craft stuff that I’ve had for ages and done nothing with. I don’t seem to be making much in the way of space, but I’m getting there.

This is going to be very short today as I now have to go crawling about under the desk to swap the extension lead for one with more sockets! Hwyl fawr!


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