WOYWW #513

Not a lot on my desk at present – just money!

Money, money, money…

I was chatting on Monday to a lady from church that runs her own business and she asked if I was able to make some birthday cards that she could send to her customers. I said I’d love to. She phoned up today to ask if I’d got anything as she’d forgotten a customer’s birthday today. I said I’d get some of my stash out that I’d made previously and she could choose one. Well, she only went and took 30! She’s wiped me out! I gave her ‘Mate’s Rates’ as I normally sell my cards for more.

I’ve got a couple of coffee mornings coming up soon so I will have to get busy making some more, but I have a couple of Stampin’ Up! stamp sets that I haven’t used yet so I have no excuses. Happy days. Hwyl am y tro.


  1. Well done on the card sales! Always nice that other people are happy to pay for our work. Good luck with making your new ones. Have a lovely week Heather x #14

  2. Well done, selling your cards like that, even if it does mean you have to turn around and replenish your stock asap. Enjoy doing that. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter) #11

  3. Oh well done! That’s a top number of cards in one fell swoop, and now you get the pleasure of making more. Brilliant result. I must admit that I don’t often sell mine for more than £1 or £2….not because they aren’t worth it so much as they are worth little to me and I like the basket to be constantly topped up with fresh! Now I better leave you to it, you’ve got work to do!!!

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