Charity shop day

So, today, hubby and I went to a car boot sale, a table-top sale, and several charity shops. We had a ball! I love having a mooch around a charity shop. Today my haul included a Lloyd Loom chair, curtains, and some decorative tins. The chair is currently that pink that was so popular with gold highlights. I shall change the colour to match another Lloyd Loom chair, which will eventually go into one of our spare bedrooms. I’ll show the before and after when it’s done, but here is what it looks like now:

Lloyd Loom pink chair

I will re-upholster the seat in some lovely William Morris fabric to match some cushion covers I made previously.

I also bought a picture frame and some delightful decorative tins:

Picture frame and tins

I love tins! I have quite a few in my craft room and most are used for something but I think I’ll just use these as decorative items. The Anti-Monopoly tin is actually a game. It’s an updated version of the original game that was invented by Elizabeth Magie back in 1903.

I also bought these:

Three pairs of curtains. The ones with the big, yellow roses are Laura Ashley.

I don’t need curtains, and none of these would fit any of our windows anyway as they’re mostly 2m high, but I couldn’t resist them just for the fabric. They were marked up at £7 for the pair on the left and £12 for the two pairs on the right. I got the lot for £7 and didn’t even have to haggle! I can see some lovely cushion covers being made with them.

I must try to set aside time to blog regularly. I realise it’s been over 3 weeks since I last blogged! I shall have to think back to what I’ve been doing. Hwyl fawr!

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