If I never see another paintbrush again…..

I am coming to the end of an intense period of decorating. We’ve had all our original 1920’s windows replaced with double glazing; no more rattly, draughty windows. But the dust and dirt gets everywhere! So I’ve been cleaning like mad and then decorating.

I did my craft room back in February, before the windows were done. I still have my stack of paper trays to dust off. Since then I’ve painted the downstairs loo, the new en suite in the blue bedroom, repainted the old office so it is now the green bedroom, the landing and stairs. The blue and green bedrooms now have lovely new carpet with underlay and the landing and stair carpet are due to be fitted next week.

Generally, I quite enjoy decorating but the thing I dislike the most is painting skirting boards! It knackers my back, my knees, my wrists; everything. I also dislike painting bannisters. All the other houses we’ve lived in have had modern bannisters, which are easy to paint. The trickiest bit is trying to get at the picture rail on the wall of the stairs.

Right, I’m off now to put a second coat on all those lovely bannisters, skirting boards, picture rails, and door architraves. Wish me luck!

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