WOYWW #717

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus! Happy St David’s Day!

So, here are the finished cards using my Let’s Set Sail stamps:

I stamped 3 in Real Red and 3 in Starry Sky, and then punched them out using the Sailboat Builder punch. I used a template so I could stamp them out so they’d fit in the punch correctly and I didn’t waste any cardstock:

I punched a piece of cardstock and stamped onto my white card through the gaps. Am I making sense? I had to hold the card still with one hand whilst stamping with the other but, if I’d thought about it, I could probably have used my Stamperatus to do the same thing. I’ll try that next time.

Kevin & I spent last Saturday doing our Level 3 First Aid course. Golly, it’s hard work and my poor old arthritic hips and hands struggled a bit with the CPR, but we both passed. So that’s us qualified for another 3 years. Kevin volunteered to be ‘the body’ to show how to put someone in the recovery position. The instructor tried to move Kevin’s left arm up but, because of his metal pin, he couldn’t do it. But the instructor said that you might find this in real life and you shouldn’t try to force it.

I had a nice long soak in the bath that night and did something I don’t normally do; I read a book in the bath. I will sometimes listen to an audible book or watch a YouTube video on my phone perched on the bath rack, but rarely read an actual book in the bath. I think it’s the Librarian in me that stops me. (I was a Librarian in Weston-super-Mare, but I’ve been an ex-Librarian for longer than I actually was one!)

I’m a bit late with this today; we had a Church Council meeting after Tea & Toast so have only just got home. I thought you’d like to see what I’ve been wearing today to celebrate St David’s Day:

Hwyl am y tro! xx


  1. What a great picture of a beautiful lady!! Superb outfit . . . .
    have a good week
    Christine #15

  2. Love the photo, great outfit. The cards look so sweet and well done at doing the First Aid Course. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x9x

  3. Fabulous photo Camilla. well done on requalifying on the First Aid course. Loving those sailboat cards. Happy St David’s Day. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah#2

  4. well done on the first aid course. I won’t read in the bath either, i hate getting books wet. I do listen to podcasts on my phone though, safely on the floor, am too afraid of it falling in the water! Love the sailboat cards. Happy WOYWW Helen #1

  5. Loving your outfit Camilla 💕❤️ lovely to see you! Congratulations to you both on passing your First Aid 👏 🤸‍♀️⭐️Toooo your gorgeous cards, loving that wee sail ⛵️ boat 🥰 ohhh to have a lovely soajlk in a bath … bliss … we had to take ours out years ago with the bother I was having with my back … miss it I do! Sending you love and hugs Tracy #13 🌺🌷🌺🌷💕

  6. Well that’s a great St David’s Day outfit, good for you, I expect it cheered your tea and toast takers! Cute cards, like that you do a few at a time.

  7. Good morning, Camilla. Love the outfit! Your directions for creating a ‘jig’ of sorts for your punch was perfect! Love the cards. Creative Blessings! Kelly #16

  8. Fabulous outfit! You look in your element for sure. Loving that card too, very simple and effective. Nifty tip too. I was a librarian in a past life so you made me smile. I always read in the bath, but I am a confirmed shower-taker now.
    Happy late WOYWW, on the week that got away from me!
    Mary Anne (4)

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