WOYWW #612

Well, I don’t know what happened to last week; I must have blinked! Also, apologies for those of you that wanted to comment on #610. I really don’t know what happened. As far as my website is concerned, that blog doesn’t even exist!

Not a picture of my desk this week. Instead, I have a picture of the dining table. The lavender plaque will go on our bedroom door when it’s finished.

Lots of paint testers

Kevin now qualifies for his RAF pension and has been given a lump sum as well, which is going towards redecorating. We’re going to do our bedroom, the dining room, and the lounge, none of which have been touched since we moved in. We’re going to carpet the lounge and our bedroom too. Our bedroom is going to be ‘Gentle Lavender’. I’ve already bought new bedding. All our bedrooms have names – Ystafell Las and Ystafell Werdd (The blue room and the green room) are the two letting rooms. Our room has been Ystafell Goch (the red room). We currently have red bedding and curtains and magnolia walls. It’s going to be Ystafell Lavant (the lavender room). I’ve seen some gorgeous (but expensive) curtains in Dunelm. I’ve been painting a patchwork on one of the walls trying to find the right shade of lavender. The dining room is going to be eau de nil, or as close as I can get, with the chimney breast a dark green. It’s currently a taupe sort of colour with a black chimney breast which I’ve never liked. The lounge will be Pearl Grey with the chimney breast a lovely Roasted Red colour to compliment the gorgeous red & gold curtains.

The next photo is what I did for Valentine’s day at church.

Valentine gifts

I cut out 36 of these gorgeous little boxes. I had just enough DSP to make 1 for everyone that attended, plus spouses that don’t/can’t attend. I bought a couple of boxes of Celebrations and put one chocolate in each box. I then added tags (no pics) with their names on. I think they went down well.

Busy couple of days for me; face-to-face meeting this afternoon at church, Zoom Housegroup meeting this evening, then another face-to-face meeting at church tomorrow morning! No meetings for ages, then along come 3!

I think that’s me for this week. Hopefully, the blog is working correctly this week. Hwyl fawr!


  1. Hi Cam. Whoop, whoop – I can indeed leave a comment today. So, you really don’t want lockdown to finish too quickly, then. You have so much planned! Enjoy all the decorating. Lovely little boxes – Kate told me about them. Well done you.
    In answer to your email – the stamp is landscape. 3 1/4 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches tall. If I was to stamp it 39 times would they need to be done as inserts, on sheets of paper to fit the inside of the card, or as pieces to cut out/die cut out and then stuck on the inside of the cards? Or should I simply pass the stamp around between the three of us to do as we each see fit for the cards we have made?
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #9

  2. All those testers made me smile, I always seem to end up buying loads too. Hope the decorating goes well, I love Dunelm for curtains and have got them in most of our rooms here. Well done on making all those little boxes, I’m sure they were appreciated.
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  3. Those little boxes are so sweet! I’m really pleased with myself that I recognised the word las but I only recognise it because of perl las cheese… Its funny when you start decorating, or trying to match cardstock to another supply, that you realise how many variations of a single colour there are! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #14

  4. Sounds like you’re going to be busy with the decorating but you sound organised so that’s a good start. The little boxes are so sweet, love them to bits. Have a lovely week and happy woyww, Angela x19x

  5. Sooo great to be able to comment again, Cam! What a strange thing about last week’s post. Well done Kevin getting his pension, and a great use for the lump sum. I do hope you will show us some of your decorating pictures. Your loo looked so brilliant! You are very talented and I know it’s all going to look gorgeous, with your own special style and flare. Those little boxes are great! I made myself a pattern for an almost identical one, and made loads of them to contain co-ordinating lavender bags which I gave to my fellow patients on the chemo unit back in 2015. You can see several albums of them on this Flickr page if you scroll down: https://www.flickr.com/photos/12780076@N05/albums/page2 Unfortunately all the photos on my old blog disappeared so you can’t see them there.

    Thank you for visiting – so glad you liked my sheepy jumper! It’s pretty old now, but still a winter favourite!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #15

  6. OOh loving the redecoration plans. Eau de Nil is so lovely, what a fab choice for a calming, lovely place to sit and eat! Perfect! I really enjoy the planning stages of a room re-do. Not good at the paining preparations but I’m very good and never skimp on them because the finish doesn’t make me happy if I do. Years of experience in this! The boxes are sweet, I didn’t realise quite how small they are, I looked at the die and wondered if you had a professional cutting platform like the one I used to have for the shop!!!

  7. How sweet are those boxes? I love that you named your rooms! It would be confusing around here – the light grey room, the warm grey room, the cool grey room, the grey and turquoise room…

    All working perfectly for me!

    Oh no! I’m late for WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  8. Sounds like you enjoy decorating and are going to be very busy. Hard work, but good when finished. Have fun Angela #31

  9. Those little Valentine boxes are super!
    And your house is going to be lovely after the facelift!
    Happy WOYWW! Susan #8

  10. Cute boxes and a wonderful treat for your church attendees. I’m late visiting this week but still have time to wish you a great week! Dorlene #33

  11. Ohoo Dunelm, haven’t been there for over a year! We…meaning me , got a super king duvet cover there, (No…they didn’t have it…so posted it to me) because it matched the wall paper so well; sort of silvery lilac with trees. But, even though its the dearest duvet cover (with pillow cases) I’ve ever bought, it’s not very comfy. The butter dish was a good price though! Living room Curtains? (with cushions to match) Love them, but sooooooooooooooooooooo exspensive! (Got a nice big red cushion for the ‘Red Room’ for about £2.50 from Trago Mills! (in Cornwall) I do miss shopping! Sorry so late, my new laptop is silver and I can’t see the letters (they have lights behind them!)so it takes me ages to type anything! Love the boxes you made, what a great idea! Stay safe! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #6

  12. Well don’t you look lovely with your daffodil! I am not sure if this is today’s comments or last week. I couldn’t see a comment part with your photograph. Your Easter cards are lovely, people will be very glad to receive one. Have a great week Angela #17

  13. Sorry Camilla, Can’t seem to get to your WOYWW for this week….but I am late so it’s more like last week! Stay safe, keep crafting! Happy WOYWW?! #613

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