So I managed to lose a week somewhere! Oh, well…

Last Friday was an interesting day for me. I’ve been a member of Gareth Malone’s Great Bitish Home Chorus since the beginning of lockdown and on Friday the CD that we’d recorded was released and, because we’d all pre-ordered it, it went to number 1 in the charts! Yes, I am on a number 1 selling CD!!! Please form an orderly queue for autographs…..

The poster is made up of over 2.700 pictures of some of the people that took part and there’s a small booklet with some more pics. I can’t find myself, but the poster is very difficult to see. But my voice is on the CD somewhere. You can see a video of one of the songs, ‘You Are My Sunshine’, on YouTube.

Also, a Facebook group, Friends of GMGBHC, had been secretly working on a song to present to Gareth. We all recorded a song to the tune of Abba’s ‘Thank You For The Music’. This is now available on YouTube: Thank You For The Music – Great British Home Chorus Friends.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet week. We did go to Towyn on Saturday to the Tir Prince Market and Car Boot – it felt a bit weird seeing so many people together. I can’t wear a mask because of my allergies so I have a visor, which I wore. We also met up with Ian & Ali in Rhuddlan where there’s a lovely model shop. Outside the Spar is a post box. Nothing interesting about that, you might think. Someone had yarn-bombed it with this:

It’s a model of Rhuddlan Castle (what there is left of it). I think the birds are supposed to be the ducks on the River Clwyd. You can just see the sign for the model shop in the first picture. The shop next to it with the scaffolding is a gorgeous little shop called ‘Wish’ that sells lots of lovely things.

Card-wise I haven’t made much recently. It did occur to me that, as Kevin and I will be 60 in January, 4 of my school friends that I’m still in touch with will also be 60 between November and April so I’ve made their cards already! (I still need to stick on the Scrabble letters.)

This week I’ve started cleaning my two letting rooms ready to open again as a B&B at the weekend. I did the blue room (Ystafell Las) on Monday and was all set to do the green room (Ystafell Werdd) yesterday after I’d nipped out to get a couple of things I needed. As I had to go to the Post Office in town I thought I might as well pop in to our church. As Church Secretary I pop in to check the answerphone every now and then. I noticed what I thought was a sock on the floor in the main church hall, which I thought was odd but, as I got nearer, realised it was a largish rock. I then spotted some broken glass and another rock. Then I looked up to see our beautiful stained glass window with holes in it! Vandals have thrown about 10 rocks through it. I spent 2 hours in the church waiting for the police to arrive and another hour clearing up as much of the large bits of glass as I could. I had to leave as one of my very important jobs was taking the guest duvets to the laundrette. They dried very nicely on the line at home. We’ve decided to go back to the church on Saturday with a few people so we can move all the chairs and clear up as best we can. Thankfully the owners of the building got it boarded up in the afternoon.

I shall try to clean the green room today but I feel like I’m wading through treacle this morning. Can’t think why!! Hwyl fawr am y tro!

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