Well, remember the wedding pressie I showed you last week? The wedding reception had already been cancelled as the venue had closed and then the Register Office decided that they were going to close for the foreseeable future. Quelle horreur! Ian has waited a long time to find the woman of his dreams so he phoned them on Tuesday and they said that if they could be there at noon the following day (last Wednesday), they could be married. So, in between teaching music in schools and a performance in the afternoon, they got married! So now I’ve had to do a new one with the date of March 18th. Good job I hadn’t posted the other one, eh?

I’ve been busy sending out emails to all the church members and regulars. The Elders have devised a plan whereby everyone gets contacted every 2-3 days to make sure they’re OK. Consequently, I haven’t had anything on my desk that I could photograph as it was all personal details. I have, however, got a pic of a stamp I found last week in a charity shop:

I know a few people that would appreciate this!

It’s just the right size for an A6 card. Admittedly, I haven’t tried stamping with it yet; I just hope it’s OK.

With the lockdown now in force, hubby is working from home. He has 2 desktop pc’s in his office upstairs, which have now been joined by another one from work, plus 2 work laptops, and an i-phone that he has to use occasionally. He works for a web design company and they look after a couple of really big websites, even though they’re only a small company of 8 people.

I shall be getting down to finishing off some decorating. I had been going to employ a professional to do it with the money I earned from letting out my 2 spare rooms on AirBnB, but that ain’t gonna happen!

I have signed up to join Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus. He’s setting up a virtual choir/orchestra. There’s over 90,000 people signed up already. If you’re interested, go to www.greatbritishhomechorus.com and sign up. The first 2 rehearsals have already happened but you can catch up with them on YouTube. Rehearsals are at 5:30pm every day.

I think that’s me for this week. Keep well everyone. Hwyl fawr!


  1. I’ve signed up for the Great British Chorus too Camilla. I have managed to download the music and have enjoyed the first two sessions. Just hope he isn’t too ill to continue. Love the stamp. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

  2. Hi Cam. Great post! Love that stamp!! Well done you, signing up for the choir. Sounds brilliant fun – enjoy. You might need to warn hubby I will be in touch soon about problems with my computer – not that he needs to come round – just see what we can do over the phone:-) (Feed him first!)
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #8

  3. It’s now that technology and the Interwebs is proving how wonderful it can be – the choir sounds great, I wish there was a brass band version! How lovely that your friends still got married, they can have one huge party when all this madness is over!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  4. Hi Camilla, I do love that stamp. They had quite a few in the range, as I recall, funny comments to go with the picture. So good they were able to still get married, I’m sure there will be a big party when it’s allowed. Stay safe,Have a good week, Huge hugs, Shaz #1 X

  5. ~That’s a lot of computer equipment! i have one very small work laptop but can do some stuff that doesn’t need access to the work networks on my own pc which has a better sized screen. The stamp is fab, hope it stamps well. Have a good week Helen #5

  6. It’s so nice that you are contacting church members just to check in. Isn’t it amazing that time has slowed down and we are doing those type of things now. I love that stamp. I’ll look forward to seeing it on a card front. Enjoy your time at home and take care. Dorlene #32

  7. That’s a great fun stamp, love it. I have some old stamps like that and hoping to find them while I’m moving my stuff to the new cabin. Pleased to hear the wedding went ahead and I’m sure you’ll be able to celebrate sometime in the future. Take care, keep safe and craft on. Sending hugs, Angela x3x

  8. What a fantastic stamp. I considered signing up for the great British chorus, but am never available at the right time. Our church has combined with the local community to create a series of street heroes – people on each street that you can call on for help at this time. We also have a pastoral team who have organised our 300+ congregation into groups that phone each other and look out for each other, and we are now working out how to do services on-line. I may have to be videoed giving a sermon at some point in the future! Happy Belated WOYWW. Stay safe my friend. Take care, with love & God Bless, Caro xx (#15)

  9. Looks like you have some great ideas to use your time productively. Love how creative musical people are bring smiles to people around the world.
    Stay safe keep crafting.
    Sandra de @6

  10. I used to have that stamp! Assuming it’s not dented or damaged in any way, it will give you a good image, but not a lot of room for colouring, more like tinting! I used mine a lot before passing it on, so hope you have a lot of fun with it. Delighted for your newly-wed friends. I agree with him, just do it….the very fact of being married is the important part; there will be plenty of people coming out of hibernation who will be able to celebrate with them when they’ve practised a bit! Stay well.

  11. I’m glad your hubby is able to work from home. Mine is retired, but is usually out and about so much and I don’t know where he is half the time, but now it’s so lively to have him at home all the time! I love your new stamp. Very elegant and vintage, and then the fun sentiment! I’m glad they managed to get the wedding in in time. They can have a proper party once this crisis is all over. The virtual choir sounds brilliant! The Internet is really great, isn’t it. What would we all do without it, being confined to our houses without this sort of contact? I hope it is a success – such a great idea.

    Keep safe and well, and happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35

  12. There will be plenty of time for your friends to Party when this crisis calms I know many that have had to put their plans on hold for various reasons. Good to hear you hubby is able to continue work at home, there’s so many that are unable to do that even better that he has his own space to get on with it and not get under your feet too much. Good luck with the choir, such a joy to sing for many.
    Stay safe Tracey #19

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