Happy Birthday?

It was my birthday last Monday. I had a couple of letters to post. So far, so good. I put my shoes on to go out for a stroll along the prom and post the letters. Ping! My back went! Needless to say, nothing much got done this week. By Wednesday I was able to stand up so was able to shower. We had a ‘bring & share’ dinner at our house on the Wednesday evening (arranged before Christmas). I only had to make jellies, thankfully. Everyone else rallied round and I didn’t have to do anything else. Thank goodness for good friends. I’m still taking it easy, although I did have a go at starting to tidy my craft room: I managed to tidy an area about 2ft square(!!). It’s a start.

This week I’m hoping to be able to be part of a Blog Hop. Never done that before so need to work on something for that in the next couple of days. I’m off to get some inspiration. Hwyl am a tro!

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