Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! WOYWW 552.

Happy New Year! Bonne Annee! Also, Happy Birthday (Penblwydd Hapus) to our daughter, Emma, who’s 28 today. Yes, 28 years ago today I was in the maternity ward of Luton & Dunstable Hospital awaiting the arrival of our first-born. She took all day to come, arriving at 20:19!

What’s this? A clear desk?!

As you can see, my desk is clear. I’ve tidied away all my Christmas stuff. I have got to make a couple of condolence cards, and some birthday cards for church members/regulars. I’m also helping one of our church Elders with the Order of Service for his Dad’s Service of Thanksgiving.

We’ve had a lovely Christmas with our son and his girlfriend here for a couple of weeks and our daughter and her boyfriend who came for a weekend just before Christmas. Kevin and I have birthdays this month, too. I say we’ve had a lovely Christmas but Kevin has been suffering as he came off his bike on the Monday before Christmas and we think he’s cracked a rib. He’s finally coming round to the idea that it might be good to get himself X-rayed! He has a lovely collection of yellowing bruises and abrasions now. Thankfully, he was wearing his helmet so, although he bashed his head, he’s not damaged his head. New helmet required now, though. Also, he was coming home earlier than normal so it was daylight and there was no traffic on the road. Otherwise it would have been a policeman coming to tell me about it instead of him limping in covered in blood!

I suppose I’d better make a start with these cards… Hwyl fawr!

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