Groundhog Day!

What!? More bottles?

“Hang on a minute!” I hear you say. “She’s just recycling old posts!!” Honestly, I’m not. I’ve had to decorate some more bottles for our drop-in cafe as one of the volunteers managed to break 10 of them after only their first outing. The idea of putting the food order paddles in the bottles went down well with everyone, although some of the customers complained that there was no wine in them…

I had to nip out and get some more of the coloured ‘ribbon’ (don’t really know what to call it). Thankfully, the neighbour with the restaurant had given me loads more bottles than I needed. Turned out that I did need them.

We’ve been away for a few days in Blackpool. It was very busy (well, it was half-term!) but the atmosphere was brilliant. They have all modern trams now and the old-style ones are now ‘Heritage Trams’. Last time we were there the ‘Heritage Trams’ were just called ‘Trams’!! They have about 5 or 6 of the Heritage Trams and you have to pay extra to go on them. We went to the Sea Life Centre, which was better than expected, and the waxworks. It turns out that we’re completely the wrong sort of people to go to a waxworks as we didn’t know a lot of the ‘celebrities’. I was disappointed that they only had the current Dr Who; I would have liked to have seen more. We went to the ballroom for a cuppa. It’s stunningly beautiful. And, of course, we went up the Tower. We paid an extra £3 so we could go again in the evening. We went on all 3 piers and went on the Ferris wheel on Central Pier as it was turning dark. Amazing. I managed very well considering that I did my back in (again) the week before. Thank goodness for those adhesive heat patches and Ibuprofen!

My AirBnB is closed for the winter now (I need a break), but I had one special guest last weekend: a lady who grew up in this house. She lived here from the mid 60’s to about 1980. When we were looking at the house for the first time the guy from the Estate Agent told us that he knew a former owner of the house – that was the mother of the lady that stayed. I met her shortly after moving in. When she died, one of her sons came to the house to ask if they could take some flowers from the front garden to put on the coffin. I was invited to the funeral, which is where I met the rest of the family. Meg was thrilled to be able to stay in the house; even more so when I showed her the room she was to sleep in – turned out that it had been her original bedroom.

I think that’s all for now. Hwyl fawr!


  1. Oh dear! Hope they were careful with all those broken bottles! Sounds like you had a great trip. I know what you mean about ‘celebrities’ . I’m clueless because I don’t watch games shows, soaps or reality tv. Or read magazines. How nice that your guest got to stay in her old room! Happy WOYWW Cindy #19

  2. I haven’t been to Blackpool for years! glad you had a good time. What a lovely story about the lady who used to live in your house – how special for her. Love the decorated bottles, they look fab (even better this time round lol!) Helen #4

  3. Noswith dda Camilla. Great about that lady staying – but glad you are having a break now. Thanks for the extra bottles – can’t quite believe so many were broken on their first outing! Blackpool sounds great fun – trust your back is recovering.
    See you Friday 9.45am!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  4. Yes Blackpool has changed a lot over the years and I was sad to see that the old style Trams were not running like they used to but there is always something to entertain us when we visit. Sorry to hear about the bottle breakage but good to see you have been able to make more, you will have dozens more of them by the time you re-open. Happy WoywW Tracey #11
    P.S Hope your back recovers soon.

  5. I haven’t been to Blackpool for years, sounds like it is worth a return visit. How lovely for Meg to be able to come and stay in her childhood home for a night. Hope these bottles last a bit longer than the last lot! Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #5

  6. Love the bottles! Sorry for the late visit this week. Happy belated WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#14)

  7. Perhaps glass bottles aren’t the right thing for holding the paddles – I know you have large numbers at Step Inside and I expect the volunteers have slippy hands and speed to consider when handling stuff! I dont know what that ribbon stuff is called wither – but it looks good doesn’t it!

  8. Lovely story about the lady who lived in your house. It was great to meet you Friday. I am looking out of my window and it is snowing!! My husband has just left for his walk! I am sure it won’t stay. Have a great weekend, Angela x

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