WOYWW #610

Oh dear! I appear to have missed a couple of weeks. Where does the time go?

Not done much in the way of craft so nothing to show on my desk (although that doesn’t mean it’s tidy!). I am in the middle of doing something, but I won’t be able to show you that until next week.

I have finally had my downstairs loo finished. We inherited a ghastly pink loo & basin and last year, the Friday before lockdown started we had the loo replaced. It’s taken until now to get the basin and tiling done. I also wanted a shelf adding. There used to be a built-in unit behind the loo, but it had to be demolished when I needed to change the syphon unit in the old loo because there was no access to the isolation valve! I have solved that by remaking a blind from our old house into 2 curtains.

New basin & shelf.

This was originally built as a pantry, but a previous owner moved the loo from behind the original dining room (now the kitchen) into here which was part of the original kitchen. The pantry door would have been just the other side of where the towel is hanging. The nook where the basin is was added when the loo was moved here. (My craft room is just the other side of the wall – very handy!) On one side behind the curtain I’ve got an old CD tower holding some cleaning bits and I’ve seen a little shelving unit at B&M which will go on the other side so I can keep towels & loo rolls. What was a wasted space is now so much more useful. And, yes, the shelf is easily removable should I need to access the cistern.

I like a nautical theme so here’s some pics of what I’ve got in the loo.

Nautical knots & a Simon Drew card. “What kind of fish are you?” “Don’t tell him, Pike!”
The card with the lighthouse was a ‘new home’ card from our last house!
Cards stuck on the back of the door. I’ve never been able to get the tea towel to hang straight.
The 2 items on the left relate to Birnbeck Pier in Weston-super-Mare, where I grew up. You used to be able to go on the White Funnel Fleet to Cardiff, Penarth, Barry, Ilfracombe, Woolacombe, Mumbles, Minehead, Lynmouth, Clovelly, Clevedon & Portishead. As this advertisement is from August 1967, you could also cruise up the River Severn to see the new Severn Bridge. Sadly the Old Pier has been closed for about 30 years and now lies derelict.

There’s more in there but I couldn’t get a good enough angle for the stuff behind and above the door.

That’s me for this week. Must remember to take photos of the current project to show next week. Hwyl fawr!